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In time and with some luck, we hope that HostBot will be a useful resource for all manner of web hosting topics including new reviews and thoughtfully-written articles that are interesting and useful to our readers.

With that faraway goal in mind, we warmly welcome guest authors who would like to contribute articles on the following topics :

Topics Areas of Interest

Case Studies

Your web hosting experience with a particular web host has been covered on HostBot. This should not merely be rants of inadequate customer support received and instead offer an insightful commentary e.g. how a particular web hosting issue was resolved.


  • A guest author has been with a web host for some time and has recently encountered some problems which he feels have not be adequately addressed by customer support. He emails the CEO and receives a speedy resolution.

Culture & Management

We are also interested in articles that highlight the culture and management of a web hosting company including interviews or other similar personal communications.


  • If you are a former (or present) employee of a web hosting company, we would be happy to hear of your experiences. All contributor identities will be withheld if requested.

  • Other interesting articles might include topics like how some web hosts are able operate well remotely without a proper HQ like Arvixe and Site5 or relevant in-depth technical pieces e.g. how a web host's datacenters addresses energy wastage.

Quirky Stuff

Articles on web hosting related topics that come from original research or personal insight that are entertaining and offer light-hearted reading for our visitors.


  • Did you know that HostGator got its name because its founder came across a blue alligator chewing on a broken server while going for his morning jog on Christmas Day? Not true of course but anecdotes or stories like these are often entertaining and offer our our readers a few laughs.


If you or your startup wishes to offer promotions, we would be more than happy to help you reach a wider audience with our site.


Community: your contributions will benefit our readers, from beginners to intermediate webmasters, by offering original, useful and interesting content.

Remuneration: we will pay up to $50 (or more for quality contributions) for a well-written original and insightful article that is published on HostBot. This is usually for case studies substantiated by evidence, for example correspondence with a web hosting company.

Contact Us

While we do not look for any particular qualifications, it's important that you are passionate and knowledgeable about the subject that you are contributing so that our readers can benefit fully from your articles.

If you are interested in submitting an article to be be published on HostBot, please send a sample of your work and some particulars (background, website, twitter etc) to [email protected]


As we may only publish a limited number of articles per week / month, we will not be able to accept all submissions. But if we find your work interesting, we will definitely keep you in the loop.

We adhere strictly to Google's paid-linkand guest bloggingpolicies.

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