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Top 10 Web Hosts

Here you can check out our list of the top ten web hosting companies for the month of November.

WebHost Price Features


  • Comprehensive Solutions

    DreamHost offers a complete selection of web hosting solutions for the needs of any kind of websites.

  • 100% Uptime Guarantee

    1 day of free hosting for every 1 hour of downtime experienced.

  • Long Refund Periods

    Full refund within 97 days or prorated refund after 97 days.

  • Excellent Customer Support

    Responsive support, on WorldBlu's list of most democratic workplaces, Uptime Brigage to address downtime issues & more.


  • Solid Plans

    Site5 offers a solid range of web hosting plans (including a broad range of cloud-based solutions) at reasonable prices.

  • Uptime Refunds

    Site5 has a generous uptime refund scheme.

  • Top Customer Syupport

    Super quick customer service team including a 6-hour response guarantee.


  • Comprehensive Plans

    Arvixe offers a complete range of decently-priced web hosting solutions including highly-customizable dedicated servers.

  • Uptime Refunds

    Arvixe provides uptime refunds for all of its plans even its dedicated server packages.

  • Growing Company

    Arvixe is growing company and strives to offer a superior web hosting experience for its customers.


  • Reliable Host & Plans

    HostGator has always been one of the most reliable and consistent web host with a solid range of fairly-priced plans .

  • Top Customer Service

    HostGator emphasizes the provision of superior customer support over and above that provided by its peers.

  • Comprehensive Refunds & Guarantees

    HostGator offers generous refunds for excessive downtime experienced as well as money back guarantees for account cancellations.

InMotion Hosting

  • Business Class Hosting

    InMotion Hosting primarily caters to hosting for businesses.

  • Long Refund Periods

    InMotion Hosting offers a 90 day refund for its Business Class plans whiles its VPS and dedicated server plans are covered by a generous 30 day refund.

  • Uptime Refunds

    InMotion Hosting will provide 1 month of free hosting if your uptime is lower than the 99.9% guaranteed.


  • Big Hosting Company

    Bluehost is one of the largest web hosting companies with state-of-the-art technology and big budgets to cater to the needs of any imaginable site.

  • Good Selection

    Bluehost offers a complete range of web hosting plans at affordable prices.

  • Anytime Guarantee

    Bluehost offers an anytime guarantee for full refunds within 30 days of account cancellation and a prorated refund anytime after that.


  • Robust Selection

    PacificHost offers a robust selection of web hosting plans with extensive features at affordable prices.

  • Uptime Guarantees

    PacificHost offers refunds for all its plans including its dedicated server packages.

  • ProGuard Security Setup

    All PacificHost's servers are secured and optimized with its Proguard Security Setup which improves the reliability, security and performance of each server.


  • Good Plans

    FatCow has a good range of web hosting plans at affordable prices including the original feature-rich FatCow shared hosting plan.

  • HeiferCratic Oath

    FatCow will provide customers with one month of free hosting if issues or queries are not resolved to the satisfaction of its customers.


  • Good for Beginners

    WebHostingHub is geared towards beginners and small and medium size businesses. It offers many easy to use tools to help get a website up quickly and without fuss together with good customer support.

  • Customized Services

    WebHostingHub offers a number of customisable value-added services like professional web design, SEO and social media integration.

  • Long Refund Periods

    WebHostingHub offers a long 90 day money back guarantee with its plans.


  • Solid Hosting Packages

    iPage offers a solid range of web hosting solutions at fair prices as well as good customer support.

  • Anytime Refunds

    iPage offers an anytime money back guarantee that entitles its customers to a full refund upon cancellation within 30 days or a prorated refund after 30 days.

  • Free SiteLock Basic

    iPage's shared hosting plans come with SiteLock Basic free for the first domain registered with them.

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