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Oct 18 - 2014


VPS Hosting Review

PacificHostis one of the smaller players in the web hosting industry although it has been around since 1999. It's current CEO, Thomas Perry bought PacificHost from its previous owners in 2009 and has since pursued a expansion program to turn it into a world-class web hosting provider.

From the outset, PacificHost has made numerous partnerships with third-party service providers to give its customers more value-added services on its plans than most of its larger competitors.

From malware protection and site security to enhanced website performance through the integration of content distribution networks (CDNs), PacificHost’s plans are more feature-rich than many comparable plans on the market today.

VPS Hosting Plans

PacificHost’sfully-managed VPS Hostingplans offer extensive scalability options for high-traffic websites that have outgrown the advantages offered by conventional shared hosting solutions. The comprehensive list of features includes the following :

VPS Plans Startup Developer Executive Pinnacle

CPU Cores





Guaranteed RAM

768 MB

1388 MB

1856 MB

2334 MB

RAID-10 Disk Space

50 GB

80 GB

120 GB

160 GB

Premium Bandwidth





Dedicated IP Address





45-Day Guarantee

cPanel Control Panel

WHM Control Panel

Softaculous Autoinstaller

Free Server Backups

ProGuard Security Service

Full Root Access

CloudFlare CDN










PacificHost's VPS plans are highly-customizable from extra memory to bandwidth and emergency response support to cater to the needs of a growing high-traffic online presence.

VPS Value Add-Ons Price

Extra RAM

per 1 GB



Extra Disk Space

per 10 GB



Extra Bandwidth

per 1000 GB



Extra CPU Cores

per 1 Core



Extra IP Addresses

per address



Domain Registration

Per domain



SSL Certificates

Per certificate



SiteLock Web Security

Daily scans to identify vulnerabilities & protects against malicious traffic & threats.



Emergency Response

Actively monitors server for quick reboots if PacificHost receives an alert that it is down.



Softaculous Premium

1-click automated installer of over 322 scripts including WordPress, Drupal & more.



LiteSpeed Server

High-performance web server up to 9x faster than Apache & 50% faster PHP content delivery.



Hybrid Server Plans

If you require more performance than what a VPS can offer but consider the cost of dedicated server hosting prohibitive, PacificHost offers a less costly solution in the form of its Hybrid Server plan.

PacificHost'sHybrid Serverscome fully-optimized and customizable with full root access. They are also fully-managed so your website is constantly monitored around the clock without requiring your constant supervision.

Hybrid Server Features


Dual 2.40GHZ CPU Cores

Guaranteed RAM

2 GB

RAID-10 Storage

100 GB

Premium Transfer

4000 GB

Port Speed

100 MB

Dedicated IPS


99% Uptime Guarantee

cPanel / WHM Panel

ProGuard Security Setup

RSYNC Daily Backups




PacficHost's Hybrid Server plans are highly-customizable with the following upgrades in the event that you require increased performance for your website on top of the default resources provided.

  • Extra Bandwidth

    8000 GB : $60.00monthly

  • Extra RAM

    3 GB : $20.00monthly

    4 GB : $40.00monthly

  • Extra Dedicated IPs

    8 IPs : $4.00monthly

    12 IPs : $8.00monthly

    16 IPs : $12.00monthly

  • Extra Disk Space

    125 GB : $25.00monthly

    150 GB : $50.00monthly

    175 GB : $75.00monthly

    200 GB : $100.00monthly

You can upgrade your Hybrid Server via PacificHost's control panel or by emailing them directly.

Automatic Renewal of Plans

Following what is now a standard web hosting practice, PacificHost will automatically renews its customers' plans upon expiry of the initial registered hosting terms as a courtesy. This is stated in PacificHost'sTerms of Servicereproduced below :

7.  Term

Periodic accounts (monthly, annual, biannual) are automatically renewed and are charged in the same manner that you have selected at the commencement of your account. Any Additional services are renewed for the same period as the corresponding hosting service.

So be sure to send PacficHost an email to inform them of your intention to disable its auto-renewal function if you don't want to be caught off-guard later on.

Cancellation / Refund policy

PacificHost offers a45-day money back guaranteewith all of its VPS plans. This means that if you cancel within the first 45 days of your account, you will be entitled to all your hosting fees with the exception of the standard non-refundable fees.

Interestingly, under itsTerms of Service, the money back guarantee listed is only for 30 days :

1.7  30 Day Limited Money-Back Guarantee

1.7.1 PacificHost is proud to offer a 30 day guarantee period. Upon receipt by PacificHost of proper notice from you of the termination of your account within thirty (30) days of the creation of a new account or within thirty (30) days of the renewal of an existing account, PacificHost will refund all service fees for the new term. Terminations after this period are not eligible for refund.

Standard non-refundable fees are excluded from refunds including domain name registrations ($15.00 per domain name which a customer retains possession of after cancellation), setup fees, SSL Certificates and extra options and add-ons.


PacificHost's dedicated server hosting plans are backed by a100% Network Uptime SLAthat entitles its customers to a refund for any downtime experienced.

The different refund schemes for all PacificHost's web hosting plans are listed below :

  • Shared and Business Hosting

    1 month of credit to your account.

  • VPS / Hybrid Server Hosting

    Prorated credit for the amount of time that the VPS or Hybrid node was down for.

  • Dedicated Server Hosting

    5% of your monthly service for each 30 minutes of network downtime experience up to 100% of the monthly service fees for the dedicated servers affected.

Compensation-backed uptime guarantees are a postive web hosting industry practice and one that should be adopted by all web hosting companies. PacificHost has in place a solid uptime policy / network guarantee that even offers compensation even for its dedicated server hosting plans.

Plan Features & Add-Ons

PacificHost's VPS plans offer the following features and additional value-added services. Do note that some of these add-ons come with additional monthly charges. Check out the links below to learn more.

Green Hosting

PacificHost does not presently have any observable green hosting initiatives. Hopefully, we will see some efforts on this in the near future.

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PacificHostoffers many feature-rich plans which should cater to any customer needs. Its uptime guarantees are also generous and provides compensation even for its dedicated server packages. All these combine into plans that provide great value at reasonable prices. One downside is the preset lack of green hosting initiatives.

In a


* For web hosting company in general and not to specific plans.



Uptime Guarantees

PacificHost offers refunds for all its plans for excess downtime experienced even for its dedicated server plans.


Value for Money

PacificHost's plans are good value for money for the extensive features offered.


Proguard Security Setup

All PacificHost's servers are secured and optimized with its Proguard Security Setup which improves the reliability, security and performance of each server.



No Green Hosting

PacificHost does not have any green hosting initiatives.

Pacific Host

VPS Hosting Plans

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