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Sep 12 - 2014


VPS Hosting Review

FatCowwas established in 1998 and is today a well-known brand name in the web hosting industry for personal and small and medium size business solutions.

FatCow pioneered the"one plan one price"philosophy practised by many other web hosts today. It began offering its signature all-in-one web hosting solution when its founders observed that many other web hosts at the time offered confusing pricing schemes replete with techno jargon and not much in the way of customer support.

FatCow wasacquired byEndurance International Group (EIG) in 2005. EIG may be a familiar name as it is also the parent company of a large number of other web hosting providers including iPage, Just Host, HostMonster and Bluehost. EIG is also a subsidiary of UnitedWeb that is run by Thomas Gorny, the founder of iPage. As you can expect, much of the same policies and features are similar but marketed differently.

FatCow VPS Plans

If your site has outgrown the advantages offered by conventional shared hosting solutions, FatCow offers 3 solid VPS plans -Basic, Business & Optimum- with the following features :

VPS Hosting Plans Basic Business Optimum

Good For

Early Online Presences

In the early stage of establishing an online presence. You'd like the ability to start small & scale your resources as needed.

Growing Site Traffic

You've outgrown your shared site & have steady traffic, but don't need the computing power of a dedicated server quite yet.

Solid Site with Decent Traffic

You have seasonal variations in site traffic, & need the computing power to support up to 5,000 visits per day during your busy season.






1 GB

4 GB

8 GB


40 GB

90 GB

120 GB


1 TB

3 TB

4 TB








Be sure to keep in mind that FatCow's VPS plans renew at the following regular rates upon expiry of a customer's initial registration term :

VPS Plan Basic Business Optimum

24-Month Term

2 year plan







12-Month Term

1 year plan







1-Month Term

Monthly plan







Automatic Renewal of Plans

FatCow automatically renews its customers' plans upon the expiry of their initial registered hosting terms as a courtesy. This discretion can be found in itsUser Agreement:

8. Billing and Payments

You acknowledge, agree and authorize us to automatically bill and/or charge on your credit card for successive terms of equal lengths as the initial term, unless terminated or canceled by either party as provided in section.

This is a standard web hosting industry practice but one that potential customers may not be aware of. So be sure to keep this in mind or send them an email to opt out.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

FatCow provides a standard30-day money back guaranteewith its VPS plans. Under the guarantee, all hosting fees will be refunded if an account is canceled within the first 30 days with the exception of standard non-refundable setup and domain registration fees. The money back guarantee is also only valid for credit card payments only.

FatCow will also deduct a fee for any free domain that come with its plans from any refunds. If a customer elects not to keep the domain name, FatCow will take possession of the domain and the fee will not be charged.


We were unable to locate any of FatCow's uptime statistics or any guarantees on it. An independent third-party uptime monitoring website has recorded FatCow's uptime at99.9%since 2005.

However, VPS solutions suffer minimal downtime as server resources are not shared among a large number of users. Downtime can still be experienced however due to isolated incidents such as unexpected power outages or hardware failure.

Plan Features & Add-Ons

FatCow offers a number of extra value-added services on top of its web hosting plans which we discuss below. Click on the links below to find out more.

Green hosting

FatCow purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to offset its energy usage. This means that its servers are effectively 100% powered by wind energy supplied byCommunity Energy Inc. By doing this, FatCow prevents the release of 999 metric tons of carbon dioxide into the Earth's atmosphere each year.

FatCow is also aGreen Power Partnerwith the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. According to the EPA s website :

“Partnering with EPA can help your organization lower the transaction costs of buying green power, reduce its carbon footprint, and communicate its leadership to key stakeholders. Buying green power is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your organization's environmental performance.”

Special offers

FatCow periodically offers discounts on its web hosting plans. Do check out ourFatCow Promotionspage for the latest available promotions.


FatCowis a reliable and solid web host for small and medium-sized businesses. We like FatCow's commitment to customer satisfaction which is backed by its quirky HeiferCratic Oath and one month free hosting guarantee if its subscribers do not receive a positive customer support experience. One downside is the lack of an uptime guarantee or similar statistics.

In a


* For web hosting company in general and not to specific plans.



Solid Plans at Decent Prices

FatCow offers a complete range from shared to dedicated server hosting solutions at affordable prices.


Good Customer Support

FatCow's HeiferCratic Oath offers customers a free month of hosting for unsatisfactory customer service received.



No Uptime Guarantee

FatCow does not offer any uptime guarantees or refunds for excessive downtime experienced.

Fat Cow

VPS Hosting Plans

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