At HostBot, our foremost goal is to provide our readers with independent in-depth reviews of web hosting plans offered by web hosting companies. We are not affiliated with any of the web hosts that we review nor are we paid by any of them for our reviews. We also do not accept remuneration in any kind to provide favorable reviews.

We provide this service to our readers after observing that many review sites do not provide sufficient or sometimes meaningful information for them to make informed choices on the suitability of a hosting plan for their needs.

We do not profess to be almighty experts on the subject of web hosting. What we do focus on are the honesty of a web hosting company's claims as advertised and on the user experience; important things like server uptime and ease of setting up a website.

However, operating and developing this site does involve considerable costs. For example, we purchase and maintain accounts (at least when it is within our budget to do so) with all web hosting companies that we review to present a more complete picture to our users.

If we maintain accounts with 30 web hosts, we are effectively paying monthly charges for 30 accounts which can be substantial. Of course we could cancel our plans but we do a yearly evaluations in addition to our reviews.

How do we pay for the costs of running HostBot?

We alleviate part of the expenses of running HostBot by participating in the affiliate programs of the web hosting companies that we review. This means that we register as affiliates of these web hosts so that we receive a small fee if a user decides to register with a particular web host after reading our reviews.

Most if not all web hosts have these affiliate programs to market their plans. These are identical to the affiliate programs that are run by other large companies like Amazon, Netflix and eBay.


If you find our reviews helpful, you can support us and the continued operation of HostBot by using the links or coupons provided on this site to register with your intended web hosting company.

We thank all our users for their support and will continue to provide quality independent reviews for as long as we can.

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