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HostBot is a resouce for original, useful and interesting content on web hosting related topics. We offer articles for beginners as well as independent and comprehensive reviews of web hosting solutions on the market today. Choosing a web host for your website can sometimes be a confusing affair and we hope our reviews can offer some help to our readers in making informed choices in their web hosting decisions.

Our articles offer tips on usual questions like how to choose a good web host, how to register a domain name, what customers should look for in choosing a domain name and much more.

We also curate a monthlytop tenlist of the best web hosting companies on the market as well as a promotions page on the latest discounts and coupons offered web hosting companies.

HostBot About Us

Review Criteria

HostBot Review Criteria

Review Criteria

At HostBot, we believe that each web host should be deeply-researched. The following are some things that we look at in our reviews of different web hosting solutions.


HostBot Review Features


This relates to the features that come bundled with the plans advertised by a web host. Important ones include money back guarantees, uptime refunds, website security and automated daily backups.


HostBot Review Values


Are the plans offered by a web host of good value for money on the features advertised? The cheapest plans are often not necessarily the best while costly ones may have you paying too much for features that you do not need.


HostBot Review Reliability


An essential feature of a solid web host is the reliability of its web servers measured in its uptime. Reliable web hosts typically offer some form of uptime guarantee and the best ones offer refunds for downtime experienced.

Customer Service

HostBot Review Customer Service

Customer Support

A good web host should have good customer support that is able to resolve a customer's complaints quickly. The type of money back guarantee offered is also something to take account of.


HostBot Review Management


A well-managed web host will usually be able to provide good service to its customers ahead of its peers and a culture committed to providing a positive web hosting service to all of its customers, large or small.

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